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Copper Wire Brush with Bamboo Root Handle Art Supplies Elizabeth Schowachert Art

Copper Wire Brush with Bamboo Root Handle

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This listing is for a copper wire bristles brush with a bamboo root handle. This brush was designed to be able to hold up to the more assertive mark-making needs of some artists. The copper wire bristles have been shaped and polished so that they are pointed but not rough or sharp. While this brush was made specifically for cold wax, it will of course work with a wide variety of media including, encaustic, gel mediums, etc. 

The brush has a leather hanging strap and copper embellishment near the brush head.


  • The handle is 9.5" in length
  • Copper wire bristles are 2" in length

Clean-Up Information:

  • Use a common art solvent (such as orderless paint thinner) to remove paint/cold wax, then wash with a mild soap such as Dove or Murphy's Oil Soap to remove any residual media. 
  • Use your fingers/palm to rub the wire bristles to remove the residual media from the brush head.


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