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Metal Dropper | Squeeze Pen - Elizabeth Schowachert Art

Metal Dropper | Squeeze Pen

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- This Metal Dropper | Squeeze | Metal Pipette has solid metal tube

-2 mm tip

- Rubber Bladder

- You can rest  the metal dropper  in a metal tin (or right in your tin of medium), so that the metal dropper stays hot enough to keep the paint fluid and your palette much cleaner, as the metal tin catches the paint as it drips out.

​- Works for dripping, drawing and dropping paint onto your painting with control.

-Sometimes referred to as a "Squeeze Pen" because it is a good drawing tool for working with encaustic medium.

-The dropper is a versatile and effective tool for working with encaustic medium.

We carry two types of replacement bladders (bulbs) silicone or latex in our store - you can replace the rubber bladder/bulb when it wears out (which is will over time as the heat degrades the rubber) with one of the replacement bulbs we carry. 

How to use a metal dropper demo:

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