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The "Stubby" Cold Wax Fiber Brush Art Supplies Elizabeth Schowachert Art

The "Stubby" Cold Wax Fiber Brush


This listing is for a made to order Stubby fiber brush. The brush will have a bamboo handle between 3.5" - 4' and the fiber bristle head will be about 3" to 3.5" in length. The bristle will be cut with a flat-shaped head with slightly rounded edges. The top of the bristle head will have some sawtooth cuts in order to open up the head a bit and creates some sharper ends.

The brush is designed to allow the artist to freely move the brush across the surface of the painting creating fine lines and texture. The brush was designed to use with Cold Wax, however, it will work with a variety of other medium and specifically thicker paints and gels.

*Please allow 3 working days to produce and ship brush


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