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Felt Mats for Asian Style Calligraphy Painting - Elizabeth Schowachert Art

Felt Mats for Asian Style Calligraphy Painting


Felt mats are called Shitajiki in Japanese and are used when painting in the traditional Asian style, using handmade papers, sumi-e/india inks and brushes.

Due to the absorbency and thinness of the handmade papers commonly used for Asian style painting, for best results you should place the paper on top of a felt pad when painting. The felt prevents the paper from sticking to the table and helps with the ink absorption so that the ink does not stain (from below) the paper as you paint. It holds the extra ink or moisture in place but does not absorb as much as paper or newsprint would. The felt will not only keep your table clean but also help to bring out the best effects of watercolor and ink painting on handmade papers.


  • Small 23X18 Inches
  • Large 24X36 inches (2X3)

Thickness: 3mm

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