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ESA Silicone Glider - With Celluloid Handle Art Supplies Elizabeth Schowachert Art

ESA Silicone Glider - For Encaustic Monotype

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I designed the ESA silicone glider specifically for working on a hot palette (encaustic monotype). These gliders all have repurposed vintage/antique handles, which have soft padded bottoms that move (glides) across a heated palette smoothly and with ease. The handles are also comfortable and offer good control.

  1. is 5" in length
  2. is 5.5" in length 
  3. is 4.5" in length
  4. is 4.5 in length
  5. is 6" in length
  6. is 6" in length
  7. is 5" in length

    This tool also has fantastic maneuverability and huge mark-making potential. This glider comes with a tray. The price reflects my cost (of the handle and tray), as well as the time and materials to make it.

    I think this is a very exciting new addition to my silicone tools and I look forward to making more of them.

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