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Coarse, Stiff Horsehair Brush with Bamboo Handle Art Supplies Elizabeth Schowachert Art

Coarse, Stiff Horsehair Brush with Bamboo Handle


This listing for a coarse and stiff horsehair "stubby"  glazing brush. The brush has a handle that is 6" handle with a leather hanging strap. The bristle is 1.5" in length. The bristle has a flat shape, with rounded corners. 

The key to this brush is having a short, coarse bristle, that is shaped fairly flat. I designed the bristle head shape with the idea of maximizing the area of contact with the surface of the painting and creating stiff bristles that can hold up to more vigorous mark-making. The coarseness of the bristle makes this brush an excellent choice for glazing, creating texture and subtle lines - It was designed to work with Cold Wax, but can be used with a variety of other media.

Click on the image below to see Sally Hirst's review of 5 of my most popular tools& brushes:

Clean-Up Information:

  • Use a common art solvent (such as orderless paint thinner) to remove paint/cold wax, then wash with a mild soap such as Dove or Murphy's Oil Soap to remove any residual media. 
  • Use your fingers/palm to rub the bristles together to loosen and remove the residual media from the brush head.


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