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Elizabeth Schowachert Art

Handcrafted Parrot Feather Sumi-e Paintbrush

Handcrafted Parrot Feather Sumi-e Paintbrush

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This listing is for a handcrafted parrot feather Sumi-e paintbrush, constructed with sensitive parrot feathers measuring 6.5" in length. These pliable feathers offer excellent spring and shape memory, making for very fluid and intricate brushstrokes. Feather brushes create balanced, yet random marks that are sure to be a favorite for any artist.

The bamboo and driftwood handle is 10.5" long, has a leather hanging strap, and the bamboo has a burned-in pattern. The driftwood has natural wormwood patterns with blue highlights.

Brush Specifications

  • The brush bristles are 6.5" in length
  • The handle is 10.5" in length


Feather Sumi-e Paint Brush Demonstration

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