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Elizabeth Schowachert Art

Goat Hair Mop Paintbrush with Bamboo Handle

Goat Hair Mop Paintbrush with Bamboo Handle

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This brush was made by Elizabeth. It was made with bamboo and has white goat hair bristles. The bristle head has a soft round mop shape, which can make versatile marks.  The natural bristles of the mop brush make for smooth and gentle blending, enabling a full range of painting techniques.

Goat mop Paint brush

The bamboo root handle has a burned-in striped pattern and a leather hanging strap.

Goat hair or 羊毛, Youmou is flexible, and durable, yet super soft and very absorbent.  Soft brushes are a bit more challenging to master, but if used skillfully deliver very interesting, and to an extent, unpredictable lines.

  • The bamboo handle is 11" in length and has been, polished and conditioned with beeswax paste.
  • The handle also has a leather hanging strap. 
  • The goat mop brush head is 3" in length. 

Ultra-soft white goat hair painter's brushes are perfect for blending and softening color with oils or acrylics. They can also be used to create backgrounds and sky washes with watercolors.

  • Stays soft when wet
  • Loved and used by conservators, ceramists, and artists alike


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