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Elizabeth Schowachert Art

White Deer Tail Sumi-e Paint Brush with Driftwood Handle

White Deer Tail Sumi-e Paint Brush with Driftwood Handle

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This unique and beautiful brush has a driftwood handle and deer tail bristle, which have wonderful natural tipped ends. The paintbrush also has a traditional Sumi-e brush head shape. The brush bristle will hold a lot of media and can make a very fine, pointed tip if desired. The brush ferrule is bamboo.

Deer tail paint brush

Deer tail paint brush

The 11" driftwood handle also has a leather hanging strap. The driftwood handle has natural organic accents, including small holes and cracks (the handle has good integrity, cracks do not affect handle strength integrity).

Deer tail paint brush

Brush Specifications:

  • The deer bristle is 3.25" in length 
  • The handle is 11” in length
  • The brush has a leather hanging strap

SKU: DT301

    Deer Tail Brush Demo

    My brushes are made to create a vast array of marks. When I make a brush I think about all aspects of the tool: how it looks, how it feels in the hand, and how it paints - to ensure that the end product is a true "fine art tool".

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    How to Care for and clean a sumi-e brush

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