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ESA Silicone Glider - Dragon Art Supplies Elizabeth Schowachert Art

ESA Silicone Glider - Dragon

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I designed the ESA silicone glider specifically for working on a hot palette (encaustic monotype). I repurposed a vintage handle to make this tool, which has a soft padded bottom that moves (glides) across the heated palette smoothly and with ease. The handle is also comfortable ad offers good control.

This particular tool has a dip in the middle which creates 2 separate lines when even pressure is allied to the handle. If you press down in the middle the line becomes wide and solid, this aspect adds a level of versatility. See pictures to get a feel for the mark this tool can make.

The handle on this tool is plastic and has some flexibility.

This tool also has fantastic maneuverability and huge mark-making potential. This glider comes with a tray. The price reflects my cost (of the handle and tray), as well as the time and materials to make it.

I think this is a very exciting new addition to my silicone tools and I look forward to making more of them.

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