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Deer Tail Sumi-e Paint Brush with Beautiful Natural Tipped Ends Art Supplies Elizabeth Schowachert Art

Deer Tail Sumi-e Paint Brush with Beautiful Natural Tipped Ends


This unique and beautiful brush was made with bamboo and white deer tail, which has wonderful natural tipped ends and traditional Sumi-e bristle head shape. The handle is super satiny, and smooth. The deer bristle is super soft, has uncut tips, great flex, strong spring, and will make a wide variety of marks. The bristle head has a traditional Asian brush shape. The brush bristle will hold a good amount of media and can make a very fine, pointed tip if desired.

The brush has:

  • A leather hanging strap


  • The deer bristle is 3.5" in length 
  • The handle is 9” in length

My brushes are made to create a vast array of marks. When I make a brush I think about all aspects of the tool: how it looks, how it feels in the hand, and how it paints - to ensure that the end product is a true "fine art tool".

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How to Care for and clean a sumi-e brush

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Customer Reviews

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As usual....excellent service and supurb quality

I have ordered several brushes from Elizabeth.

I have never been disappointed. The quality of her work and materials is what keeps me coming back. She usually finds very unique handles to compliment the brush materials. All beautifully made. I have to nudge myself to actually dip them into the ink!

This particular brush (Deer Tail Sumi-e Paint Brush with Beautiful Natural Tipped Ends) is very unique. It will create many different strokes to fit the state of your mind. From very delicate to energetic and dynamic.

My interactions with her have been wonderful. I get my brush within a week of being ordered and it is packaged very well.

I recommend Elizabeth the the Zen Brush classes I teach!

Check our her site. You will not be disappointed!