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Driftwood Painter's Brush Rest With Porcelain Ink Bowl

Driftwood Painter's Brush Rest With Porcelain Ink Bowl

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This painter's brush rest was made from a piece of natural driftwood from Flathead Lake. The porcelain ink bowl was by Kim Filiaggi and handpainted by me :)

This brush rest has a flat bottom and natural curves and indents

A lot of work went into creating this painter's brush rest. Making something like this requires a ton of work sanding, shaping, and detailing to create the final form.

Brush Rest:

  • 9" in length 
  • Natural driftwood
  • Porcelain bowl 2.75"x1.25"
  • SKU: BR202

*This listing is for brush rest only, brushes are sold separately

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Jakki Garlans

The ink pot is beautiful to look at and to hold, it is just the right shape to fill my brushes when I dip them.
The beauty of the brush rest is hard to put into words - the organic shape just begs you to pick it up; when you do, you feel the smooth, softness of the carefully prepared wood.
I cannot tell you how much joy these pieces give me. I am so glad I treated myself to them. Both are imbued with the spirit of the makers. Prized possessions.