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Fiber Brush With Horn Handle #FH3

Fiber Brush With Horn Handle #FH3

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This listing is for an African fiber brush with a natural horn handle. This brush will make a wide variety of marks, from very wide and dynamic to very fine lines. The fiber is strong, has good spring and holds up well over the long term. 

This brush in particular has a 7.5" fairly wide, thick and flat brush head shape. Because the brush head will hold a good amount of media, it can make saturated marks if desired.

This brush has been tested and cleaned one time. The piece below was created using this brush with one continuous brush stroke.

Fiber Brush Demo:

How to clean this brush:

  • First, rinse bristles with warm water to remove media. Use your fingers to gently agitate the fibers to help remove media from the bristles.
  • Next add a small amount of mild liquid soap to your hand and work into the bristles to remove remaining ink/media. Continue cleaning until the water runs clean.
  • Next use a thick soft towel to remove excess water and shape bristle.
  • Finally use rubber bands to very loosely hold bristles in place while they dry. See picture below.


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Mercedes Franklin
African Fiber Brush

This smaller model has been quite agile with my wrist movement. I really enjoy the marks it makes.