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Fine Point Paintbrushes

Fine Point Paintbrushes

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This listing is for natural fine-point ermine paintbrushes with pointed tips. These fine-point brushes have ermine brush bristles, with natural strands which come to long thin points. 


The handles are bamboo root and have a striped burned-in pattern. 

These fine point brushes are often preferred by artists for their quality of fine line mark-making as well as wide lines. They are versatile mark-makers. 

The  bamboo root handle has a leather and hanging strap

These fine art painters' brushes are made by hand.

  • Brush bristle length varies by brush
  • Handles are between 5" and 7" in length

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Customer Reviews

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Kathleen Roman
A beautiful little brush

I have the 2.5” brush. Beautiful to look at and to hold. It has a good feel in the hand. Nice balance. For me, it had a small learning curve to get it to do what I wanted with the broad strokes, but then I was off and running. I’m still exploring. I like how it lays down the ink. I have three other Elizabeth brushes and happy to add this to my collection. Another winner!

Jenny Manes
Fine point brush

This ermine brush feels very light in the hand. It can make really fine, delicate marks, as well as more organic marks. And the burned bamboo handle is very interesting to look at! Enjoyable to use!