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Goat Hair Sumi-e Brush with Black Bamboo Handle Art Supplies Elizabeth Schowachert Art

Goat Hair Sumi-e Brush with Black Bamboo Handle

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This brush was made by Elizabeth. It was made with black bamboo and white goat hair bristles. The bristle head has a soft round shape, which can make versatile marks.

Goat hair or 羊毛, youmou is flexible, durable, yet super soft and very absorbent.  Soft brushes are a bit more challenging to master, but if used skillfully deliver very interesting, and to an extent, unpredictable lines.

The black bamboo handle is 9" in length and has been, polished and conditioned with beeswax paste. The handle also has a leather hanging strap. 

I consider my brushes to be a work of art in themselves, that being said they are made to make art.

The 9" handle is really comfortable to hold

2.25" goat hair bristles  - round

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