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Handmade Silicone "HOT WAX" Paint Brush With 12 Inch Bamboo Handle and 1 Inch Silicone Bristles

Handmade Silicone "HOT WAX" Paint Brush With 12 Inch Bamboo Handle and 1 Inch Silicone Bristles

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This brush is made specifically for working with encaustic medium on a hot box. It can be used with other media, however because it is silicone, it will hold up to the heat and has soft flexible bristles that make it ideal for working on a hot box.

This particular brush has 1inch silicone bristles which are soft and have some flex/stiffness. It has one row of bristles which allows for more controlled mark and line making.

The brush can make a wide variety of reductive marks and fine lines etc.

Click on picture to view demo video:

To wash the brush (if you want to remove a specific color of wax that may be on the bristles from the last use) simply boil some water and immerse the bristles tips only into the hot water. Use a paper towel to remove the excess wax once the wax has melted/softened. After removing the majority the wax, gently wash the brush bristles under warm water using a little liquid soap (be careful not to pull on the bristles, but instead gently move them in a circular pattern under running water in the palm of your hand). This should remove most of the residual paint. The brush will also work better when the bristles are not covered with wax medium. So it is a good idea to occasionally clean them.

You can also remove excess wax by setting the bristles directly onto the hot box surface allowing some of the wax to melt off the bristles. 

The silicone is heat resistant (made to withstand oven temps) and will not degrade when used on a hot surface.

The handle is 12 inches long 

the bristles are 1 inches in length 

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