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Handmade Silicone Paintbrush

Handmade Silicone Paintbrush

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This brush is made specifically for working with encaustic medium on a hotbox (such as a Roland HotBox for the encaustic monotype process). It can also be used with other media such as oil paint, acrylic, gel mediums, and cold wax. Because the bristles are silicone, they will hold up to the hotbox temperatures and are easier to clean, barely anything will stick to it. 

The brush can make a wide variety of marks, fine lines, etc. The marks can be controlled, but also unexpected and very organic. It can make many different types of marks, lines, shapes, and textures. I worked with carbon black encaustic paint to make the print that is featured with this listing. The image was painted with this brush.

I made the handle longer on this brush so the artist can reach all areas of a large size printing plate

Brush Specifications:

  • The handle is 16" in length
  • The bristles are 2" in length 
  • The brush has a copper wrap just below the bamboo ferrule
  • The ferrule has a hand-painted/carved design

To wash the brush to remove encaustic medium/wax that may be on the bristles from the last use. simply boil some water and immerse the bristles tips into the hot water. Wash the bristles after you have softened the medium with mild soap by gently rotating the silicone bristles in the palm of your hand or gently moving the bristles back and forth with your fingers. Do not pull on bristles. Use a paper towel to remove the remaining excess wax once the wax has melted/softened. You can also remove excess wax by setting the bristles directly onto the hot box surface allowing some of the wax to melt off the bristles. 

The silicone is heat resistant (made to withstand oven temps) and will not degrade when used on a hot surface.

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Gaynelle Ihms
Great gift!

Thanks for shipping the brush in such a timely manner. Purchased for a Christmas gift. It will be a big hit!