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How To Make Video Pins That Drive Engagement & Traffic

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I am a big fan of Pinterest. It is a great platform for artists/makers and has been a fantastic resource for my business. If you are interested in taking more control of selling your work, then Pinterest is a vital Social Media channel to develop.

I also know what a struggle it can be to operate a successful online business. It takes a lot of time and energy to build brand awareness and drive traffic to a specific site. That is why I created this 43-page "How To Create Video Pins" guide for one of the best social media resources I know of to do this, Pinterest

(make sure you also download my FREE guide "How To Use Pinterest to Market Your Brand/Drive Sales & Traffic" to getting started on Pinterest a $25 value)

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I have been using Pinterest for a few years now, but really focused on building my audience on this platform over the last year (as of March 2019). Within this time, I have gone from 18K monthly viewers to over 1.3M!

A big reason I have been able to do this is by leveraging video! I have created simple, short video Pins related to the products I sell, those Pins have generated a lot of traffic and engagement. In addition to the great traffic that Pinterest is driving to my site, that traffic has also been converting into sales!

Take a look at my Video Pin results (all organic)

In this guide, I will walk you through all the steps needed to start creating successful video Pins. This includes some of the valuable free resources I use and basic instruction on setting up, editing, shooting, and pinning videos.

My 43-page guide will make it a lot easier and quicker to get started. Don't overlook one of the best "Free" social media resources out there for artists or makers! 


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