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Large Sumi-e Paint Brush, Ink/Water Bowl and Driftwood Brush Holder

Large Sumi-e Paint Brush, Ink/Water Bowl and Driftwood Brush Holder

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This unique and beautiful brush was created in part by repurposing an antique talcum brush and cup.  The set is from 1924 and would have been used in a barbershop to dust off a Gent after his hair cut and shave. When I came across this set, I immediately knew I wanted to transform it into a Sumi-e brush and ink/water bowl. I am super happy with how this set of tools turned out and I am glad to know that it now has a new lease on life.

The horsehair I used for the bristlehead is super soft, has great flex, is absorbent, and will make a wide variety of marks. The brush bristle will hold a lot of media and can make very bold and dynamic marks.

The brush also comes with a beautiful natural, driftwood brush rest. The brush rest was made from driftwood from Flathead lake, its natural shape holds the brushes head perfectly. 

The brush has:

  • A leather hanging strap
  • Bamboo ferrule


  • The black horsehair is 4" in length
  • The handle is 6" in length

Brush Rest:

  • 13" in length
  • 1.5" to 2"  height 

Ink/Water Bowl:

  • 3.5" X 4"

My brushes are made to create a vast array of marks. When I make a brush I think about all aspects of the tool: how it looks, how it feels in the hand, and how it paints - to ensure that the end product is a true "fine art tool".

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