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Natural Sable Paintbrush With Pointed Tip #12

Natural Sable Paintbrush With Pointed Tip #12

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This listing is for a natural sable paintbrush with a pointed tip. The sable brush has a full brush bristle, with natural strands which come to a long thin point. 

Sable brushes are often preferred by artists for their quality of picking up and dropping paint as well as their ability of precise control when painting with watercolors or acrylics.

The antique wood bobbin handle has a leather hanging strap, copper wrap, and a small natural inlaid seed

A fine art tool made by hand.

  • The brush handle is 10" in length
  • Bristle is 3.5" in length
  • Copper wrap with inlaid natural shell

*The sable used to make this brush was ethically harvested by indigenous trappers in the Yukon.


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Jenny Manes
Incredible sable brush!

This sable brush has the finest point I have ever used. The belly of the brush holds a good amount of medium, so that I can make quite a few really expressive marks before I have to reload. And of course, it makes fat marks as well. The handle is a vintage wooden spool embellished with red painted lines, and tiny red dots around the ferrule. The ferrule is also wrapped with a silver colored wire and copper wire. The final touch of artistry in this brush is a tiny seed imbedded into the spool. As always, Elizabeth has created a work of art for making works of art!