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Natural Skunk Paintbrush With Bamboo Handle SB306

Natural Skunk Paintbrush With Bamboo Handle SB306

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 This listing is for a natural skunk tail paintbrush. This brush has natural bristles and white strands that extend beyond the black bristles creating a fine point.

The skunk tail brush bristles will hold a good amount of media and can make wide lines to very fine lines.  This painter's brush handle is bamboo and has a striped burned-in and dot pattern.


  • 5.3" bristle length
  • The handle is 8" in length

    The bamboo handle has a leather and hanging strap and a burned-in striped pattern. 

      The bristles on this brush are very soft and flexible. It will make both wider and very fine lines because of the natural tips. The tip can come to a fine point.

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      Elizabeth’s brushes are always a welcome gift!