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Reconditioned/Repurposed Vintage Ideal Fountain Stencil Brush - Elizabeth Schowachert Art

Reconditioned/Repurposed Vintage Ideal Fountain Stencil Brush


This reconditioned/repurposed vintage Ideal Fountain Stencil Brush has lovingly been restored and refitted with a beautiful high-quality red horsehair bristle. This bristle head is has a slant shape, which allows the brush to slay and make a wide variety of marks.

The Fountain Brush is fully functional, although I have repurposed this brush to function as a  traditional Sumi-e paintbrush. This brush also comes with the original box and was made around 1934 - 1940.

While this brush can work by adding ink into the well and have it flow through the brush, I would recommend not using it in this way. This brush is configured differently than a similar March Fountain brush, and the ink hole at the base of the bristle is much smaller. Since I have made this brush with a long bristle head, the ink may not flow well to the tip of the brush. If you do use it in this way, be sure to thoroughly clean the bristles, especially near the bristle setting (where the brush is affixed to the handle).

Manufacturer details:

  • Universal Fountain Brush Co. est. 1920
  • St Petersberg Florida, USA

"Universal Stenciling & Marking Systems, Inc. was established in 1904 under the name Universal Fountain Brush Company. The company founder, Wilfred J. Wright, invented and patented the world’s first fountain stencil brush in Summit, NJ. Officially named the Master Model Fountain Stencil Brush, this product with its innovative ink supply in the handle, rapidly gained industry recognition and Universal emerged as an industry leader in stenciling technology.

In 1934 Wilfred and his son, Milton B. Wright, moved the company to St. Petersburg, Florida where they continued to produce fountain brushes and industrial felt tip marking pens".

The handle is aluminum and is 6" long

The bristle head is 4.25" long and was made with my high-quality red horsehair, which is soft, absorbent and flexible.


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