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"Ribane: Color Dancers" 13.5 X 21.5 Encaustic Monotype Mounted On Panel - Elizabeth Schowachert Art

"Ribane: Color Dancers" 13.5 X 21.5 Encaustic Monotype Mounted On Panel


This is a encaustic monotype/mixed media print mounted onto a wood panel with 2 inch cradle

It is a piece of original art created by Elizabeth Schowachert in 2017

Definition of an Encaustic Monotype:

"Images can be created directly on a heated palette and then lifted onto a piece of paper much the same way that a monotype is made in printmaking. The benefit to creating encaustic monotypes is that once you lift your paper and it cools there is no drying time. This process has an immediacy to it that many others do not. You can pull multiple prints in a relatively short amount of time."

The title for this work based on origin of the word Ribbon

Word Origin and History for ribbon

early 14c. ribane, from Old French riban "a ribbon," variant of ruban(13c.), of unknown origin, possibly from a Germanic compound whose second element is related to band (n.1); cf. Middle Dutch ringhband"necklace." Modern spelling is from mid-16c. Originally a stripe in material. Custom of colored ribbon loops worn on lapels to declare support for some group perceived as suffering or oppressed began in 1991 with AIDS red ribbons.


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