Contemporary Sumi-e Brushes and Silicone Tools
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Rooster Feather Sumi-e Brush With Bamboo Handle Art Supplies Elizabeth Schowachert Art

Rooster Feather Sumi-e Brush With Bamboo Handle


This brush was handmade by Elizabeth, it has a black bamboo handle and high-quality rooster saddle feather bristle head. The rooster saddle feathers are soft, thick, flexible and make interesting marks. This brush is made to work with ink or other media that is water-based. The brush has a ceramic ferrule - the total length of the brush with the ferrule included is 14".

  • The feather head is 5" in length is very thick and will hold a lot of ink.
  • The black bamboo handle is 9.5" long

Each brush is unique, and it made to make art

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