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Sumi-e Black Horsehair Paint Brush

Sumi-e Black Horsehair Paint Brush

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This brush was made by Elizabeth. The handle was made using a beautiful piece of natural driftwood from the Flathead Valley and my super-premium black horsehair. The bristles are very soft, are absorbent, and have great flex. The brush head is shaped with a nice flathead that is 4" in length.

The horsehair I used for this brush bristle is specifically for brush making. It is the best quality hair available and will perform beautifully.

The handle is 13" in length and has been polished and conditioned with beeswax paste. The handle is sturdy, has good weight, and is super smooth.

This brush will hold a ton of media and has the potential to make very dramatic, large marks.

I consider my brushes to be a work of art in themselves, that being said they are made to make art.



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