Contemporary Sumi-e Brushes and Silicone Tools
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Very Large Sumi-e Brush With White Horsehair Elizabeth Schowachert Art

Very Large Sumi-e Brush With White Horsehair


This listing is for a very large Sumi-e brush that is designed for dramatic and bold mark-making. The brush has a huge bristle head (6" in length X 7" wide) and a beefy 23" handle with a natural coral embellishment on the end of the handle.

The bristle is super high-quality and has uncut tips. It is very soft and shaped after a traditional Asian Sumi-e style brush.

The ferrule on this brush is porcelain can has a sgraffito design.

This is a very large brush, but it is not too heavy it is 4.12 lbs.

The bristle head will hold a huge amount of media, I designed this brush to allow the artist to work large.

This is a gorgeous brush, that is also highly functional. 

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