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White Deer Tail Sumi-e Brush With Driftwood Handle

White Deer Tail Sumi-e Brush With Driftwood Handle

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This Sumi-e white deer tail brush has a driftwood handle and brass ferrule. The bristles are 3.5" in length and made from white deer tail which comes to a natural point. The handle is 9" in length and very smooth. It is also a delicate and light brush.

White deer tail creates a beautiful bristle, which can make a wide variety of marks. Because it comes to a fine point, it is also ideal for delicate line work.


  • 9" in length
  • Brass ferrule
  • Leather hanging strap 

Brush head:

  • 3.5" in length
  • White deer tail
  • pointed, natural tips


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beautiful to hold and to behold

These brushes are such treasures -I was too scared to use them at first because they are just such beautiful pieces in themselves, but the marks they make and the way they feel to hold are just as much to treasure. So pleased I made this purchase and Elizabeth was great to communicate with. Thank you
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PURCHASED: White Deer Tail Sumi-e Brush With Driftwood Handle