Encaustic Monotypes and Silicone Tools - What's So Great About Them? :)

Encaustic Monotypes and Silicone Tools - What's So Great About Them? :)

I really enjoy working on the HotBox creating encaustic monotypes. The freedom of movement I feel and the immediacy of the process is something that really appeals to me. There is no waiting around for paint to dry, just lay down an image that you feel is worthy of a piece of a good paper and off you go.

When I first started working on the Roland Hotbox I felt limited by the lack of painting tools that I could find in the market. This gap motivated me to design a number of silicone tools that could be used to paint on the HotBox.

My first tools were as you would expect, were a bit rough, but over time I designed a number of well constructed, high-quality, versatile drawing and mark making silicone tools, tools that I now routinely use within my own art practice. 

Today I am sharing 2 of my most popular silicone tools:

  1. Silicone Blade Tools 
  2. Silicone Drawing Brushes

First, let's explore the blade tool:

I designed this tool to reductively remove paint from the plate, creating a pattern that is unstructured/random or very structured and precise. My blade tool flows easily across the plate and cleans up is simple as silicone is heat resistant up to 400 degrees and not much really sticks to it, including wax. If you would like to see for yourself how it works, take a peek at this demo video.

    Silicone Blade Tool (Clink on the Picture Below to See Demo)


    Now I will cover The Silicone Drawing Brush:

    My Silicone Drawing Brush was designed to work somewhat like a traditional bristled paintbrush. It can make precise lines and marks and has great flexibility, allowing for both narrow and wider lines. I really like working with this tool when I am trying to create more representational images as it offers control that I can't get with other tools. Again another demo video is offered for your reference.

    Silicone Drawing Tool (Click on Picture to See Demo)

    Encaustic Monotype elizabeth schowachert

     I offer a wide variety of other tools to find more please visit my store: http://elizabethschowachertart.com


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