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Elizabeth Schowachert Art

Black Horsehair Sumi-e Paint Brush With Ceramic Ferrule

Black Horsehair Sumi-e Paint Brush With Ceramic Ferrule

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This brush has been carefully crafted using premium black horsehair and a bamboo handle. The porcelain ferrule features beautiful handpainted fish, and the handle has a stripped burned-in pattern, it is also super satiny and smooth.

Black horsehair has good spring and the bristle tips are naturally pointed (uncut). This bristle head is 3.5" in length. It also has a soft, tapered shape.

The 10" handle on this brush is well-balanced, smoothed, and polished. The handle has a leather hanging strap. 

Brush Specifications:

  • A leather hanging strap 
  • The ferrule is porcelain with a porcelain ferrule and handpainted fish

Traditional Sumi-e style bristle head:

  • The premium white horsehair is 3.5" in length
  • The driftwood handle is 10" in length

My brushes are designed to provide a wide range of mark-making capabilities. Consideration is given to all components of the brush; from its aesthetic appearance to the feel of its handle and the quality of the final painting. This ensures that the brush is a true professional-grade art tool.

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Robert Cook

The brush itself is a work of Art! Performs beautifully