About Elizabeth


In late 2015 I started Elizabeth Schowachert Art as a way to connect with other artists and share my contemporary Sumi-e brushes, silicone tools, and other art materials which I have been making and working with for a number of years.

I am fortunate to have spent a lot of time in Asia and as a result has grown to love the culture, place, and people. During my time in Taiwan in particular, I became interested in the tools and materials used by artists working in the guóhuà and Sumi-e style of painting and especially in handmade papers, and brushes. Over the years I have adapted many of these materials/processes into my own art practice and more specifically around my brush making, which I feel falls into the category of contemporary Sumi-e.

I also use encaustic paint, mostly by working on a Roland HOTbox, making monotype prints. Because of my interest in encaustic monotype, I have also developed a wide range of interesting, and highly functional tools. While it is true that my silicone tools are made to work on a heated palette, they also work well with other non-encaustic applications such as working on panel with oils, acrylic and other media.

The products you will find in my store are the tools and materials that I use most often within my own art practice: unique high-quality contemporary Sumi-e brushes, and other artist tools that work well with encaustic, encaustic monotype, cold wax, gel printing, and mixed media applications.

My online Art Gallery also offers my original artwork, encaustic paintings, encaustic monotype, and mixed media scrolls.  

I also want to give a call out to my wife Kim Filiaggi, she throws all of my ceramic ferrules, brush holders and Sumi-e ink bowls. In addition to making my ferrules etc.

Contact Information: Schowachert@gmail.com | 817-291-0327

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