"How To" Coaching Sessions With Elizabeth Schowachert










Recently, you may have purchased a Sumi-e brush or another art tool from me and are wondering how to get the most out of it. When you are working with a new tool there is a "learning curve". For example, it may take a while to master a large-format brush. Over the years, many customers have requested to work with me directly to learn how to best use my handmade tools. To meet this need, I decided to offer 1/2 hour one-on-one online coaching sessions which are focused on teaching how to effectively work with my handmade tools.

I am offering coaching sessions for the following categories:

  1. All Sumi-e Style Brushes (Horsehair, Goat, Feather, Cotton Fiber, and White Deer Tail)
  2. All Silicone Tools (Blades, Drawing Tools, and Brushes)
  3. Working with Carbon Encaustic Paint on the HOTbox
  4. All Fiber Tools 

In each session, I will cover the basics such as:

  • Evaluating your creative and product use goals
  • The different media you can use and what typically works best
  • How to properly load a brush
  • Different techniques for applying media to the painting surface
  • The painting surfaces or materials that you may need 
  • How to take care of, store, and clean your tools