Online "One on One" Coaching - How To Use a Sumi-e Style Brush Elizabeth Schowachert Art

"One on One" Private Workshop - How To Use a Sumi-e Style Brush

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In this "one on one" workshop session, you will learn how to work with your new brush. As with all new tools, you will take some time to "get to know" your brush. It does take practice to really develop a full understanding of what a brush can do and how to get it to do what you want. Understanding the basic "how-to's" can speed the process up and lessen the learning curve.

In this 1/2 hour session I will cover the following:

  • What kind of media or surface material to use
  • How to properly load/prepare the brush to paint
  • Basic mark-making techniques
  • How to care for, clean, and store your brush

Prior to each session, I will ask the artist to complete a quick questionnaire that will help me align the session to meet their artistic goals.

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Customer Reviews

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Margie Willensky
A great opportunity for learning

I appreciated that after signing up for my one-on-one, Elizabeth asked if there were any specific questions or areas that I wanted to cover. During our session, through demonstration and information sharing, we made our way through them all. How good is that! I came away feeling I had not only learned a lot but also feeling more confident and playful in my explorations. Elizabeth is an excellent teacher. I will be doing another session soon. Thank you, Elizabeth.

Judith Crichton
One on one couching

This was such a learning experience. Elizabeth was so sharing and I learned a lot.I was very inspired. I will definitely be doing another one.
Thank you Elizabeth.