How To Work With Carbon Black Encaustic Paint

How To Work With Carbon Black Encaustic Paint

Encaustic Monotype Print

For those working on a heated palette (Roland HOTBOX, R&F Hot Palette, etc.) creating encaustic monotypes, adding carbon black encaustic paint can be a game-changer. It is an extremely versatile paint that can be used alone (as in the example above), or with colored paints such as R&F, Evans Encaustic, or Enkaustikos paints.

**The print above was painted with 4", 6" and 10.5" Silicone Micro-Line Blades**

Carbon Powder + Clear Encaustic Medium = Carbon Encaustic Paint

 Carbon Black Encaustic Paint

Of course it is a little more complicated than just combining carbon and wax, getting the right consistency matters. My Carbon Encaustic Paint is what I call "dry" carbon paint, because it has a high concentration of carbon vs. wax. This allows the artist to add in color or clear encaustic medium as desired, while still maintaining control of the image on the HOTbox.

You can also add color to your Carbon Paint as I have done in the example above. I did this by adding carbon to the plate, then combining it with colored paint. You can also see both mixed in colors and non-mixed colors in this example.

**I used a Silicone Drawing Brush to create the marks on the above print.**

The added colored paint can be very subtle. This print has red, brown, and orange colors added. If you want to achieve fine detailed lines, make sure you keep the paint on the HOTbox less saturated and print on absorbent, smooth paper.

**I used my Xuan Half-Ripe Paper to pull this print.**

Hope this provided a little more information regarding my Carbon Black Encaustic Paint :) If you want to learn more, I also offer One-on-One Personalized Online Instruction :)

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Thank you for this added “lesson” and the quality carbon blocks! I’m curious…
On the tree print above, is that Irish Ogham alphabet markings on the trunk?


I am interested in the black carbon encaustic, where can it be purchased. as it doesn’t seem to be in the “shop”

Diane Huff

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