The Joy Of Making

The Joy Of Making

Creating art is an essential part of who I am. I have realized lately though that I also really enjoy making. Making is not all that different than painting, it involves design, process, problem solving and composition. I have recently been making handmade art brushes, using found, natural materials (driftwood that I found on my recent trip to Northern California). 

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I find that I really connect with the materials I am using, working to create something that is beautiful and functional. The idea is to inspire and disrupt. The disruption comes from using something new, something unexpected that forces one to loosen up and experiment. I find that when I use my art brushes, I am freer with my movements, I am more likely to try new things and ultimately make more interesting and dynamic marks. In the video below I share the process of painting with several different handmade art bushes, using ink on paper.

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 I really enjoy making brushes and of course using them. I have a lot of ideas about different materials that I feel will make interesting marks and I am excited to further explore this side of my creative spirit - the maker

Happy Making!

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