Leaving Her Mark, The Work Of Deanna Wood

Leaving Her Mark, The Work Of Deanna Wood

I believe deep down most of us hope that we will leave some kind of mark on this earth. Whether it is held within the children we raise, or those we have touched in some way, a mark of ourselves that remains after we are gone.

As artists, our journey through life is often communicated to others through our work, the ideas, feelings, and experiences, articulated visually for all to see. The work, is one of the marks we leave, for others to interpret, appreciate and contemplate...long after we are gone.

While Deanna's work in her series "Personal Space" is an articulation of the "marks" that have in part shaped who she is, the work itself is the "mark" she has made, for all to experience...now and in the future.

"Good Year For Roses" work by Deanna Wood

Artists Statement "Personal Space"

"We leave our mark on places, but I believe they also leave marks on us. This series explores that idea - how these places shape us, how we remember meaningful places, and how our memories of such places change over time.

Scraps of wallpaper and maps, images of houses and the fading silhouettes of possible residents explore domesticity and memory".

 In this series, Deanna uses hot wax that is brushed onto the surface and then fused with a heat gun or torch. She was drawn to encaustic because of the tactile quality and the endless possibilities to explore transparency and opacity.

Deanna's newest mixed media work explores using the familiar patterns we were and are surrounded by, and the integration of common domestic activities such as sewing. She combines these elements in interesting ways, revealing hidden ideas, conversations of pattern, and a soft elegant use of color.

artwork by Deanna Wood

"New Order" work by Deanna Wood

 Artists Statement "Sewing Patterns"

“This series is an exploration of patterns used in domestic activities like decorating, wallpapering, and sewing.

Many of the stretched canvas pieces are created with recycled canvas slipcovers. Patterns and wallpaper motifs are stamped, stenciled, and sewn onto canvas as a way to perhaps create order from chaos. The designs areadded, covered, and revealed again”.

Deanna Wood - Bio

Born in Houston in 1966, Deanna Wood spent most of her childhood moving around the country with her family, returning to Texas in 1982. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Master of Arts in graphic design, both from Texas Woman’s University. She worked as a graphic designer in a corporate environment for 14 years. She decided to leave the corporate world behind to pursue a career in fine art, receiving a Master of Fine Arts in painting from Texas Woman’s University in 2004. She lives in Denton, Texas and teaches encaustic workshops at The Encaustic Center.

Deanna Wood is the first of what will be a series of featured artist whose work is currently available for purchase in the Elizabeth Schowachert Art Gallery. 

We are so excited to have the opportunity to bring Deanna's work directly to you here in our art gallery and we hope you enjoy her work as much as we do. To see more of Deanna's work,  just click on either of the paintings featured in this blog to be directed our gallery.

 Happy Creating!

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