A Creative Who Loves Problem Solving - Yep That Is Me :)

A Creative Who Loves Problem Solving - Yep That Is Me :)

You may or may not know this about me, but I spent many years working for large companies in the brand, product development/sourcing and marketing space. Although I liked what I did, it always felt like work. I worked a lot too, usually 10 to 12 hours a day and even though there was creativity involved in the work I did, it was not fulfilling, I always felt something was missing in my life. 

The funny thing is, I realize that the things that made me successful in the corporate space, are much the same for the work that I do as a maker/business owner. Problem solving for one, is a dominant theme in my current work life as we creatives/small business owners have to solve problems daily. I do particularly enjoy problem solving, especially when paired with creative expression, whether making a brush or working on improving the composition of one of my paintings.

You may be asking yourself, "Well what does this have to do with Elizabeth's brush making?" I came to this conversation (in my head :) as I was thinking about braided horsehair brush hanging straps, which I find very intriguing!

(click on image to link to item)

I was contemplating how to improve the braided straps and bamboo fittings I am making, in other words problem solving. I really enjoy tossing ideas around in my head, and envisioning a solution. I find it very satisfying to then take that idea and realize it in a finished product (like the one above).

As I am constantly thinking about things of this nature, I fully expect something else will capture my attention/fancy in the near future...but in the meantime I intend to fully explore the many cool and interesting possibilities of braided horsehair hanging straps! 

To that end I have added a number of new brushes which feature braided horsehair hanging straps - here are a few of my favorites.

(click on image to link to item)

I do feel grateful that I enjoy the creative process (including addressing and solving those pesky problems that inevitably come up) and will keep that in mind as I start work on my taxes, which I have to admit is one area of my business where I don't find joy ;)

Thanks for taking the time to read my Blog and...Happy Creating and Problem Solving!!




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Great writing, Elizabeth! Thank you for sharing your creative process and multi faceted art forms. I especially love your collaborations with Kim! You are both so Lovely!


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