Don't Let Joint Pain Stop You from Making Your Mark - My Story

Don't Let Joint Pain Stop You from Making Your Mark - My Story

I'm frequently asked about the thumb braces I'm wearing in my photos and videos, so I wanted to share some more info about Push MetaGrip Thumb CMC braces. They really do help reduce my arthritis CMC joint pain, which is critical for someone like me who works with their hands daily.


Arthritis can be an incredibly painful daily reality for many of us who work with our hands. As someone with pain in my CMC thumb joints (the joints closest to the wrist), I can personally attest to how difficult it can be to balance the need to keep moving with the need to manage pain. That's why I was intrigued when a family member came to visit wearing Push MetaGrips. After hearing how they had helped her cope with her thumb joint pain, I decided to give them a try and I am really glad I did, because these little braces have really helped helped me to keep creating in the studio without pain.

I also appreciate the fact that these thumb supports do not restrict mobility and are lightweight, yet remain durable. I have been using mine on a daily basis for over a year, and they are still in very good condition despite how hard I am on them.

I can confidently state that they are an invaluable aid in alleviating my thumb pain. Despite their cost (about $95 each), the support is well worth the money, having enabled me to continue to pursue my creative endeavors on a daily basis.

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