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Elizabeth Schowachert Art

Fine Point Sable Paintbrushes With Driftwood Handles

Fine Point Sable Paintbrushes With Driftwood Handles

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These premium Fine Point Sable Paintbrushes with Driftwood Handles offer a unique balance of controlled yet unexpected marks. Crafted with natural sable bristles, fine point tips, and rustic driftwood handles, these brushes can achieve control for detailed stroke work and a freely flowing response for larger brush strokes. The perfect tools for ink, and other fluid media.

 Brush Specifications

Brush Organic Handle Brush:

  • Brush Bristle is 3" in length
  • The brush handle is 11" in length
  • The brush has a leather hanging strap and the handle has an organic pathway pattern that mimics wormwood.
  • The brush handle is driftwood, with a leather hanging strap and natural bead


Brush Red Handle Brush:

  • The sable bristle is 2.5" in length
  • The 10.75" driftwood handle has a red color accent
  • It also has a leather hanging strap


These fine art painters' brushes are made by hand. They work well with various inks and other paint mediums. I typically thin the media so that it easily flows, and moves :)

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Customer Reviews

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Always brings a smile!

I have purchased several brushes as a gift for my resident artist. They are always appreciated and well received.
Although I am not the artist, I do find beauty in the unique driftwood handles.