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Elizabeth Schowachert Art

Large Parrot Feather Sumi-e Paintbrush

Large Parrot Feather Sumi-e Paintbrush

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This is listing is for a handcrafted parrot feather Sumi-e paintbrush which was made with vibrant dark & light blue and yellow parrot feathers that are 14" in length. These types of feathers are special, I only get a few every year. They can make very interesting and energetic marks and have terrific spring and flex.

This brush in particular has very long feathers. The ends of the feathers are soft and bend easily. This will allow the brush to make delicate marks by pulling the feathers lightly across the painting surface. The marks are similar to the much smaller brush in this video only on a much larger scale.

The bamboo handle is 14" long and has a leather hanging strap.

Feather brushes are also very durable and clean up well. The smaller brush that I use in this video is 8 years old. 

Feather Sumi-e Paint Brush Demonstration


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