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Elizabeth Schowachert Art

Natural Skunk Paintbrush

Natural Skunk Paintbrush

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This natural skunk paintbrush has a full and large natural multi-pointed tip and soft, flexible bristles for effortless, random marks. Boasting a durable, sustainable bamboo handle, it serves as an excellent tool for artists of all skill levels and facilitates unexpected, artistic strokes. 

The Skunk brush head is nice and full and can hold a ton of media. It has varied bristles, that can splay wildly. It has tons of mark-making potential. 


The generous amount of media held by the skunk tail brush bristles allows for brush strokes from broad to multiple lines. This brush is crafted with a bamboo handle featuring a burnt-in striped pattern that is intended to mimic dragon scales.

Brush Specifications:

  • 5.25" bristle length
  • The handle is 7" in length 

    This brush features soft and flexible natural bristles, allowing for the creation of wider or fine lines as desired. The tip can come to a precise point when loaded with media, making it ideal for large amounts of media.

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