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Elizabeth Schowachert Art

Short Handle Tapered Sumi-e Horsehair Brushes - Forest Series

Short Handle Tapered Sumi-e Horsehair Brushes - Forest Series

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These brushes are part of my forest brush series. In this series, all of the handles of the brushes have images burned in. My intent with each handle is to create the feeling of a pine forest, with tall larch and tamarack trees covered in mist. 

 About The Brush

Asian calligraphy brushes most often have a soft tapered edge, allowing the tip of the brush to come to a rounded point. The brushes listed here all have a soft tapered edge and are ideal for larger traditional or non-traditional mark-making and calligraphy. The horsehair is a 100% premium quality black horsehair, which is very soft, has good absorbency, and has excellent flex/spring. This allows the artist to make more controlled and specific marks if desired.

Each brush listed here retails for $149

Brush Specifications:

  • 100% Premium black horsehair
  • Leather hanging strap
  • 6" Forest series handle design
  • Bristle heads between 2.5" - 3"
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