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Elizabeth Schowachert Art

Skunk Tail Sumi-e Paintbrush SPB #115

Skunk Tail Sumi-e Paintbrush SPB #115

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This listing is for a skunk tail Sumi-e paintbrush. This brush has a super thick, full, long bristle head, and has a natural long white hair extension. The head shape is natural, and all of the bristle tips are uncut and pointed.

The brush will hold a lot of media, and the bristle is super soft and flexible. One of the neat aspects of this brush is how the longer bristles can create a thing line on the paper. The thicker shorter part of the brush bristles hold a lot of the media and as such, "feed" the longer bristles with ink (see video below, not the same brush, but the same basic function).

The handle is bamboo and has a burned-in pattern and a leather hanging strap. 

Brush Specifications:
  • The handle is a total of 10" in length, including the wooden embellishment
  • The bristle is 6" in length (including the white longer hairs)

This video was made with a different, but similar brush

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