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Elizabeth Schowachert Art

White Horsehair Sumi-e Paint Brush With Ceramic Ferrule

White Horsehair Sumi-e Paint Brush With Ceramic Ferrule

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This brush was made with a driftwood handle (from the Flathead Valley) and my premium white horsehair. The brush ferrule is ceramic. The super-premium white horsehair is very soft, has pointed tips, great flex, strong spring, and will make a wide variety of marks, from wide/dynamic to very fine.

The brush has:

  • A leather hanging strap
  • The ferrule is ceramic

Traditional Sumi-e style bristle head:

  • The white horsehair is 4" in length/width
  • The drfitwood handle is 12" in length

My brushes are made to create a vast array of marks. When I make a brush I think about all aspects of the tool: how it looks, how it feels in the hand and how it paints - to ensure that the end product is a true "fine art tool".


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