The Art of Tools - Summer Sale 20% OFF ALL Silicone Mark Making Tools

The Art of Tools - Summer Sale 20% OFF ALL Silicone Mark Making Tools

There is something so immediate and wonderful about print making. I love the freedom of creating an image on the plate, then pulling the print. Some days the images come quickly and effortlessly, other days not so much!

I do find myself often thinking, "I wish I had a specific size of tool" or "wouldn't that be cool to be able to make a specific kind of mark". This thought process lead me down the path of creating my own mark making tools for the Roland HOTbox™ and to developing a new series of work called "The Art of Tools" (example below).

                        Wind Whisper


I have developed 3 different styles of brushes/mark making tools, all specifically designed to create unique and beautiful marks. The tools I make for the Roland HOTbox™ are all made using silicone, so they can withstand the heat of the hot plate  (300 + degrees) and will not degrade like rubber does for example. They also will not damage the surface of the hot plate and the encaustic medium is not difficult to remove when dry. 

The image below shows a blade tool. Each blade tool has a unique pattern design. I design and test each blade tool to ensure the mark is interesting and the blades pull wax evenly. 

The 3 main styles of mark making tools that I am currently offering for the Roland HOTbox™ are: brushes, blades and drawing pens.

To celebrate the arrival of summer, I am offering 20% off on all Handmade Silicone Brushes and Mark Making Tools through June 30th. Just use the following coupon code at check out: THEARTOFTOOLS


My Silicone brushes allow the artist to make controlled flowing and organic marks. They come with either a soft bristle, which creates softer lines or a stiffer bristles, which pull more paint, thus produce a "crisp" line.

Blade Tools

Blade tools have unique pattern designs that allow the artist to make a wide array of creative marks. This tool is designed to pull paint from the plate, leaving “random” flowing lines, shapes and or marks. It slides easily across the plate, allowing the artist to move the blade without bending or disruption.

Drawing Pens

Drawing pens allow the artist to create specific lines and marks on the plate. You can draw as you would with a pen or other mark making tool on paper.

In addition to creating tools based on my own ideas, I really enjoy working collaboratively with artists to create tools that they specifically want or need. I find this process to be enriching, and welcome commissions for those interested in creating your "own" style of mark. If you would like to discuss a potential project, feel free to email me at

Don't forget to use the following coupon code at checkout to recieve 20% your silicone brush order: THEARTOFTOOLS 

Happy creating!



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