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Encaustic Monotype Drawing Pens -  Handmade Art Brush $27.99 - $39.99 - Elizabeth Schowachert Art

Encaustic Monotype Drawing Pens - Handmade Art Brush $27.99 - $39.99

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These drawing tools are made by Elizabeth. The handles are made from mostly found or repurposed wood. The pen tip is Silicone (with the exception of 426 which is latex) and is made to work on an Encaustic Hot Box. The Silicone tip is somewhat pointed and can draw fine lines, words etc. I have included an example of the kind of marks you can make using this drawing tool. Each is unique, signed and made with love.

The pens can also be used to manipulate the surface of an encaustic painting using a heat gun.

Handle length is 8 - 12 inches

Drawing head - Latex 1.25 inches in length

Click on image below to see an "How To" demo video


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