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Elizabeth Schowachert Art

Mixed Horsehair Paint Brush with Bamboo Handle

Mixed Horsehair Paint Brush with Bamboo Handle

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This brush was made by Elizabeth. It has a tapered 5" bristle head that will make a wide variety of marks, and textures. The brush bristle is made with my premium mixed horsehair, the tips are uncut and pointed. 

The handle has a burned-in striped, circular design and a leather hanging strap.

This brush will hold a lot of media and can make thick to very fine lines. The bristle has great spring and flex. Because the length of the brush bristle is will also create wide and expressive marks.

This brush type can work with a lot of different media including ink, acrylic, and many other media.

  • Handle: 8" in length (Including ceramic ferrule)
  • Bristle: 5" in length
  • Leather hanging strap

My brushes are made to make art :) - they are versatile, and a stiffer blunt bristle head will be a terrific mark maker, offering the artist a ton of mark-making options.

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