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Elizabeth Schowachert Art

Tampico Fiber 7.5" Bristle Paintbrush with Bamboo Handle

Tampico Fiber 7.5" Bristle Paintbrush with Bamboo Handle

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This mark-making brush was made by Elizabeth. The Tampico fiber brush is a total of about 15" long (the painting bristle is about 7.5" in length). The handle is bamboo and has a burned-in striped design. It also has a leather hanging strap.

Tampico fiber is super flexible (you can bend it in half and it will snap back), it is also a very fine fiber. Because of this, it works really well as an alternative to more traditional materials.

The fiber itself is from the cactus known by its common name, lxtle. The Agave Lechugilla plant is unique to northern Mexico where it only grows in the high altitude deserts. After the cactus leaf is harvested the fibers inside the leaf are extracted, dried, and processed to length.

Like any natural fiber, the bristles are completely biodegradable, making them an environmentally responsible choice.

Handle length will be about 7.7" in length, the Tampico fiber bristle will be about 7.5" in length

The fiber is soft, strong, and has great spring- it is a high-quality fiber that will hold up.

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