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Elizabeth Schowachert Art

Wide Horsehair Paintbrush with Bamboo Handle WSB #100

Wide Horsehair Paintbrush with Bamboo Handle WSB #100

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This listing is for a handheld wide horsehair paintbru

sh. The handle is made with bamboo and has the burned-in embers pattern. It also has a copper wrap and wooden embellishment on one end. 

The premium black horsehair is very soft, has good flex, and has a nice natural spring. The bristle is both wide and thick.

The bristle is 8" wide, 4.5" in length. The handle is 9" wide.

This brush has a nice thick bristle that can hold a lot of media. The mark-making capabilities will be vast, from very wide bold lines to soft cross-hatching and textures.

Wide Brush Demonstration

This type/style of brush is quite a bit of work to make. The price reflects both material cost and the build time :)

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