Collezione: Painting With Fire 24/25 Encaustic Masterclass

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I am pleased to announce that I am once again an instructor for Painting With Fire 24/25 Encaustic Masterclass, an annual course program dedicated to exploring successful Encaustic painting methods. In addition to myself, there are also 25 additional renowned Encaustic painting practitioners who will be making their knowledge and experience available, giving unprecedented access to what motivates them, specifically tailored instruction, and an inside look into their studio practices. These courses provide a unique opportunity to experience the instruction and approach of some of the foremost experts in the Encaustic painting field, as well as gain a comprehensive understanding of the techniques and materials they use.

Now to share my course focus this year :)

Unleash Your Creativity with the "Introduction to Organic Fusion" Painting Course!

Dive into my world of Organic Fusion, the pioneering painting techniques I developed that combine the beauty of encaustic medium with the vibrancy of colors and the dynamic nature of organic shapes. This comprehensive course is meticulously designed to guide beginners and seasoned artists alike through the fascinating process of creating stunning,  artworks. Here’s what you’ll explore:

Creating the Perfect Canvas

  • Smooth Surfaces Made Simple: Learn to lay the groundwork with encaustic medium for intricate detail work. I'll guide you through selecting the right materials and tools to ensure your painting's foundation is solid and ready for creativity.
  • Texturing Techniques: Discover the art of adding depth and dimension.I'll show you how to use various tools and methods to apply wax, creating textures that make your artwork pop.

Mastering Color and Texture

  • Layering Colors: Master the skill of building up color layers. My focused instruction will help you blend and layer colors to achieve interesting hues and effects, enhancing your composition.
  • Enhancing with Pigment Sticks: Elevate your texture game. Learn how pigment sticks can introduce vivid colors and enhance the tactile quality of your surface, with a focus on color selection, application, and blending.

Shape Your Vision

  • Precision Dropper Techniques: Gain control and precision in creating shapes. Using a dropper, I'll teach you how to apply wax with exactitude, crafting various shapes and patterns.
  • Sphere and Organic Shapes: From interesting spheres to free-flowing organic forms, I'll cover the methods and creative approaches to achieve captivating shapes, encouraging you to push the boundaries of your creativity.
  • Color and Shape Definition with Pigment Sticks: Learn to use pigment sticks not just for color, but to define and detail your shapes, integrating them seamlessly into your artwork

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Another mind-blowing year-long course that is devoted to studying best practices in Encaustic painting. Over 50 hours of tuition for one low early bird price of $249!