Collezione: Painting With Fire 23/24 Encaustic Masterclass

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I am pleased to announce that I am one of the new instructors for the Painting With Fire 23/24 Encaustic Masterclass, an annual course program dedicated to exploring successful Encaustic painting methods. In addition to myself, there are also 25 additional renowned Encaustic painting practitioners who will be making their knowledge and experience available, giving unprecedented access to what motivates them, specifically tailored instruction, and an inside look into their studio practices. These courses provide a unique opportunity to experience the instruction and approach of some of the foremost experts in the Encaustic painting field, as well as gain a comprehensive understanding of the techniques and materials they use.

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About My Course Carbon Stories (the first online workshop to drop on April 26th)

In this course, we will explore some of the many ways that you can use Carbon Black Encaustic Paint to create beautiful works of art. You'll learn how to use silicone tools to manipulate the paint to achieve a variety of stunning effects.

Instruction will include:

  • An Introduction to Carbon Black Encaustic Paint (CBEP)
  • A variety of applications for CBEP
    • How to apply it to different surfaces
    • Using it with various painting tools
    • Working with color
  • How to create different effects with CBEP
    • Using it for graphic marks
    • Making realistic images
  • Printing with it
    • Managing materials to optimize results 
Painting With Fire 23/24 
Another absolutely mind-blowing year-long course that is devoted to studying best practices in Encaustic painting. Over 50 hours of tuition for one low price of $289!

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